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Clinical Work

  • S/he will assess the needs of the patients in the ward, explain the medicines to be taken, make a nursing care plan for all patients consulting with ward sister.
  • S/he will give direct patient care and allotted responsibility to her/him by the ward sister.
  • S/he will provide comfort to the patient and maintain the safety of the patient (universal safety precaution).
  • S/he will be friendly, courteous, and sympathetic while working with patients and ensure privacy and confidentiality of the patients.
  • S/he will carry out procedures of admission, discharge and transfer of patient of the ward.
  • S/he will take care that discharged patients have a proper understanding of the follow-up procedures and details of the diet, medication, exercise, etc.
  • S/he will be responsible for taking a history of the patient.
  • S/he will prepare and assist in the diagnostic procedure in the ward.
  • S/he will provide minor dressing in an emergency.
  • S/he will administer drugs by injection upon written order of the Doctor.
  • S/he will learn the handling of special gadgets & equipment.
  • S/he will distribute diet, milk, etc.
  • S/he will maintain a duty room in readiness for all time.
  • S/he will be responsible for observation of the patient’s condition, take prompt action and report to the concerned medical officer.
  • S/he will give health education to the patients and their family members under care.
  • S/he will make records of all procedures of her/his patients and keep them up to date.
  • S/he will take care that case papers are not allowed to be handled by anyone except the doctorin-charge of the patient. This is specifically for medico-legal cases.
  • S/he will provide assistance and instructions to the patients and their relatives.
  • S/he will be responsible -To provide antenatal, intra-natal, postnatal care as taught in the nursing
  • curriculum.
  • S/he will perform any other duties which a Staff Nurse is expected to perform in view of his position and any other duties which will be assigned as and when required.