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  • Medical Officer (MO) of AAPLA DAWAKHANA
  1. Clinical Work
  • The Medical Officer will be organizing and performing duties necessary for the routine Outpatient services and also ensure emergency cases are attended and taken care of.
  • He/she will screen cases needing specialized medical attention, refer them to referral institutions and will cooperate and coordinate with other institutions providing medical care services in his/ her area.
  • He/ she will attend all calls from the in-patients, while he/ she is ‘on-call duty’
  • As a member of the health care team, he/she will exemplify an example in attitude toward patients and staff, thereby, performing duties with respect, dignity, privacy, and modesty to the patients.
  • He/ she will be friendly, courteous and sympathetic while working with patients and ensure privacy and confidentiality of the patients.
  • He/she will perform any other duties which a Medical Officer is expected to perform in view of his position and any other duties which will be assigned as and when required.
  1. Public Health Work
  • He/she will make arrangements and provide guidance for rendering health care services at the community level and at the PHC through the Health Assistants, Health Workers and others.
  • The Medical Officer will ensure that all the members of his/her Health Team are fully conversant with the various National Health & Family Welfare Programs including NHM to be implemented in the area allotted to each Health functionary.
  • He/she will prepare operational plans and ensure effective implementation of the same to achieve the laid down targets under different National Health and Family Welfare Programmes.
  • Any services, speciality or otherwise, being rendered in the hospital, its quality delivery and other necessary coordination will be ensured by the MO
  • The MO will ensure the effective implementation of all National Health Programmes – Reproductive and Child Health Programme, Universal Immunization Programme, National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme, National Programme for control of Blindness, Non-Communicable Diseases Programmes, National Mental Health Programme, Control of Communicable Diseases, Leprosy, Tuberculosis, Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Ayushman Bharat
  • He/she will be responsible for proper and successful implementation of the Programmes in PHC area, including education, motivation, delivery of services and aftercare.
  • He/she will be responsible for all administrative and technical matters regarding the operations of National Health Programmes in his/her UHWC area.
  • He/she will be responsible for all Health Education activities in his/her area.
  • He/she will take the necessary steps for institutionalizing public health surveillance and undertake timely actions in case of any outbreak of epidemic in his/her area.
  1. Administrative Work
  • He/she will supervise the work, scrutinize the programmes of his/her staff and suggest changes if necessary to suit the priority of work of staff working under him/her.
  • He/she will hold monthly staff meetings to evaluate the progress of work and suggest steps to be taken for further improvements
  • He/she will ensure the maintenance of the prescribed records and registers at AAPLA DAWAKHANA level and will issue various kinds of certificates in the capacity of a medical officer.
  • He/she will ensure that the problems and grievances of the staff are solved promptly.
  • He/she will ensure the confidentiality of the patients
  • He/she will take actions timely for legal matters, medico-legal cases, RTIs, court cases and expeditions implementation of orders of the courts.
  • He/she will organize training programmes including continuing education for the staff
  • He/she will assess the performance of the staff and arrange for retraining if required.
  • He/she will ensure appropriate utilization of funds as per the guidelines and GFR (General Financial Rules) provisions.
  • He/she will ensure auditing procedures are completed well in advance, and audit reports are furnished to all the concerned authorities.
  • He/she will ensure inter-sectoral/ inter- departmental coordination; involvement of community leaders, various social welfare agencies and people for effective provision of patient centric healthcare.
  • He/ She will be involved in ‘performance audit’ of staff as per the guidelines of ‘Performance Audit’.
  • He/ She will facilitate, coordinate, supervise, monitor and implement the provisions of all the health sector Acts and the Rules.