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Public Health Work

  1. Undertake household survey with ASHAs for detailed mapping, enumeration and enrolment of population being covered in HWC and in urban areas where ASHAs are currently not available, to identifying population at risk, estimating RCH needs etc.
  1. Counselling and Health Education to the community on:
  • Danger signs during pregnancy, and teaching them importance of institutional delivery, early and exclusive breastfeeding, seeking postnatal care, weaning and complementary feeding, consuming nutritious diet and where to go for delivery.
  • Importance of complementary feeding, its components, on consuming supplementary nutrition at AWCs and consuming iron-rich diet in children to avoid anaemia.
  • Childhood and adolescent healthcare services including nutrition, personal hygiene, sanitation, menstrual hygiene management, healthy living etc. in the community through home visits and through VHSNDs.
  • Family Planning/Education of children/Dangers of sex selection/Age at marriage/Information on/Disease outbreak/Disaster management/Adolescent Health.
  • Care during communicable and vector-borne disease infections.
  • Lifestyle modifications needed for non-communicable diseases like Hypertension and Diabetes and importance of regular follow up visits to Health and Wellness Centre or other facilities for NCDs and ensuring adherence to treatment plans.
  • Oral Health education especially to antenatal and lactating mothers, school children and adolescent, first aid and referral of cases with oral problems.
  • Motivation for quitting and referrals to Tobacco Cassation Centre at District Hospital/Medical College.
  • Activities for prevention and early detection of hearing impairment/deafness, visual impairments at the level of health facility, community and schools.
  • Sensitization of community regarding entitlements provided by government under various national programs
  1. Field/Home visits
  • Prioritize visit to pregnant women who did not attend their regular ANCs in the monthly ANC clinics/ VHSND, bring them back to the system -motivate them for institutional deliveries.
  • Visits to postpartum mothers for home-based services and providing care – either as indicated by ASHA after a home visit, or if ASHA is not there, or if they failed to attend VHSND.
  • Identify children who missed their immunization sessions and ensure that they get vaccinated during next immunization session/campaigns.
  • Visit sick new-born/low-birth weight babies and children who need referral but are unable to go, as indicated by ASHA and malnourished children who did not go for the medical reference – ensure they get care at a higher centre.
  • Distribution and utilization of LLIN Bed Nets; facilitate and ensure quality spray in households and insecticide treatment of community-owned bed nets.
  • Verbal autopsy and/or at least preliminary inquiry into any maternal or child death.
  • Surveillance for unusually high incidence of cases of any communicable disease and notify MO.