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Administrative work

  • S/he will ensure that all articles are sterilized, all equipment, gadgets, electrical connections, light, fan etc. are maintained.
  • S/he will ensure that the specimens are collected, labelled and dispatched.
  • S/he will ensure to escort the patient to and from the department.
  • S/he will ensure that the reports are received and given to the patients as well as the doctor is informed.
  • S/he will ensure that the patient’s problems are listened to and help them to solve them through various means.
  • S/he will ensure the confidentiality of the patients.
  • S/he will ensure that the cultural and religious differences of the patients are respected.
  • S/he will supervise the students and ancillary staffs.
  • S/he will ensure that all records, outcome indicators as per LaQshya guidelines are maintained.
  • S/he will ensure to make the ward clean and tidy, including the bed.
  • S/he will keep all articles well-arranged and maintain the inventory.
  • S/he will maintain all records and mandates.
  • S/he will assist the ward sister in orientation programme of new staff and students and in the supervision of work of Group D allotted in the ward for maintenance of cleanliness and sanitation.
  • S/he will accompany with doctors and senior nursing officers during ‘ward round’.
  • S/he will help ward sister in indenting and checking of drugs, supplies and maintaining inventories.
  • S/he will perform the functions of the ward sister during her/his absence
  • S/he will assist in orientation of new staff nurses.
  • S/he will support and guide the ASHAs working in the HWC area.
  • S/he will participate in staff education and staff meeting.
  • S/he will maintain good interpersonal relations with all other staff.
  • S/he will give information about MLC cases to Head / Officer in charge.
  • S/he will co-operate in activities related to the National Health Programmes.
  • S/he will ensure safe disposal of biomedical waste.
  • S/he will keep herself/himself up to date with nursing knowledge by taking part in in-service education programmes.
  • S/he will perform any other duty that may be assigned to her/him from time to time including field work.