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Disabled and elderly friendly access

For an easy access of non-ambulant (wheelchair, stretcher), semi-ambulant, visually disabled and elderly people, infrastructural norms in line with the ‘Guidelines and Space Standards for barrier-free built environment for Disabled and Elderly Persons’ of the Government of India should be followed.

Provisions of the ‘Persons with Disability Act’ should be implemented. These should be retrofitted in facilities currently lacking these provisions.

In order to support the needs of visually challenged visitors, it is also advised that tactile signs be placed with good contrast between letters and background. It is recommended to install one/two rows of tactile guiding blocks along the entire length of the proposed accessible route.

Care shall be taken to ensure that there are no obstacles, such as trees, poles or uneven surfaces, along the route traversed by the guiding blocks. Provision of ramp with railing to be made for use of wheelchair/stretcher trolley, wherever feasible, should be ensured.