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Clinical Work

Under the supervision of Doctor, the MPW-F/ANM to perform the following functions:

  • General OPD services and managing cases at HWC-SHC
  • Early registration of pregnancy: issuing of ID number and Mother and Child protection card
  • Antenatal check-up and identifying high risk pregnancies, child births and post-partum cases.
  • Screening, referral of suspected cases and follow up care in case of gestational diabetes and syphilis during pregnancy, STI/RTI, eye, ENT, TB, leprosy, non-communicable diseases, vector borne diseases, common mental conditions, substance use and Epilepsy cases, delays in development and disability and other congenital anomalies.
  • Identification and support in management of anaemia, nutritional deficiencies, and vaccine preventable diseases in children and their complete immunization including identification and follow up, referral and reporting of Adverse Events Following Immunization (AEFI)
  • Undertake Diagnostic Services- Pregnancy Test, Haemoglobin, Urine Test, Blood Sugar, and other point of care diagnostic services specified for different service packages.
  • Provide first aid treatment for obstetric emergencies, e.g., eclampsia, PPH, Sepsis and prompt referral (Type B SHC) and supporting medical team for handling other emergency situations by coordinating
  • Midwifery Services in Sub Centres only where institutional deliveries have been allowed by the state governments and provide appropriate treatment or refer to higher centres in cases where ASHA is not able to manage with home-based care.
  • Reviewing completed CBAC for cancer symptoms/epilepsy/COPD and refers as appropriate.
  • Ensuring patient’s compliance for treatment.