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Diagnostics are an integral part of the health care system and provide information needed by service providers to make informed decisions about care provision related to prevention, screening, detection, treatment and management. Limited availability and access to quality laboratory and radiology services are among the major challenges contributing to delayed or inappropriate responses to disease control and patient management.

The testing facility at the level of HWC-SHC includes diagnostics for screening of various conditions/diseases. Fourteen tests need to be ensured as per the list annexed at the end. Since all AAPLA DAWAKHANA have MBBS doctors so it is desirable that the access/linkages to diagnostics should be as per the list indicated for UPHC-HWC. However, the fourteen types of diagnostics as defined for UHWC should be available in-house as essential diagnostics or through a well accredited PPP partner providing services at the facility.

The turn-around time for test results should also be standardized, adhered to and monitored.

In all cases, transportation should be managed carefully to maintain integrity of the sample, giving due attention to temperature, preservation needs, special transport containers and time limitations. It is also important to ensure the safety of those handling the material before, during and after transportation.