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Accountability & Monitoring

Rigorous monitoring, continuous support and encouragement by supervisors and higher levels of management and most importantly ownership by the staff will be strengthened as part of continuous quality improvement initiatives. Internal mechanisms include systematic and proper record keeping and timely reporting. An action plan with corrective measures, and timelines should be prepared and reviewed in subsequent meetings.

The CHO at SHC and MO at the UHWC must improve effectiveness and efficiency in the system by building mechanisms to strengthen answerability and accountability of service providers.

Feedback from the community using different methods such as patient feedback, community/social

accountability, Jan Sunwai and Jan Samwad must be encouraged, and timely and appropriate action taken

on the feedback received.

Every facility must have a Citizens’ charter displayed in a prominent place in a legible and locally appropriate format. This should include information on the range of services offered, timings, entitlements, user charges, rights and responsibilities of users and grievance redressal procedures. A list of the free drugs and diagnostics provided at the facility should be readily available with MO I/c and Pharmacist for perusal of any citizen. Ideally, the list of essential medicines and diagnostics should also be made available. The total number of essential medicines and tests should be displayed in Citizens’ Charter as well.

All necessary efforts to ensure that patients and their attendants have a comfortable, respectful and hassle free experience at the facility should be ensured. This includes an empathetic and compassionate attitude towards patients and relatives in a professional manner.