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Should you leave

Employee separation can be on account of the following:

  • Employee Resignation, wherein employee communicates his/her intention to terminate employment
  • Organisation communicating its intention to terminate employment of employee for reasons including but not limited to consistent non-performance/ misconduct any other reason as per Progressive Disciplinary Policy or as stated in the employee contract

Employee Responsibility: In case of employee resignation, employee shall be required to submit a formal, written resignation letter to supervisor. Resignations will be acceptable only in form of an email or hard copy letter (i.e. verbal/ text messages/ WhatsApp messages are not acceptable).

  • Thereafter, the supervisor will share the letter with HR who will in turn acknowledge the employee resignation and communicate the last working day in consultation with supervisor, which will be contingent on due handover completion.
  • Employees must serve full notice period or pay salary in lieu of notice period shortfall, subject to due handover completion and supervisor approval for relieving early.
  • In case Medongo communicates its intention to terminate the employment of any employee the organisation will give adequate notice (as per their employment agreement) to the person.
  • However, no notice period or salary in lieu thereof will be given to employee terminated on account of misconduct/ integrity.
  • The idea behind serving notice period is to seamlessly organise and complete the handover process.

  • Accordingly, while serving notice period, leave is not encouraged so please plan accordingly.
  • For any exceptions, supervisor recommendation and HR Head approval would be required.
  • In addition, please note that the first Date of Joining and the last Date of Leaving can never be treated as leave and the person’s joining will either be deferred or the leaving considered on the earlier day.
  • The exiting employee shall be given a relieving letter (subject to handover and clearance of dues if any), unless they have separated on grounds of misconduct/ integrity. This shall be given only once the Full & Final settlement is complete and once all requisite undertakings have been received.