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Job responsibilities of Medical officer

  • Equipped with primary healthcare knowledge and skills in various disciplines as per the guidelines of MCI/MMC.
  • Undertaken proper training on how to use the smart clinic application through tablets for the treatment of patients in OPDs.
  • Overall in-charge for the running the clinic and to take care of the infrastructure like medical equipment, medicines, basic amenities, furniture & fixtures, manpower etc.
  • Raising indent on time for the requirement of the medicines as well as to maintain the medical equipment properly. In case of any issue it has to be reported to the supervisor on time for the timely action.
  • Input patient data properly into the system and diagnosing the illness as per the symptoms.
  • Raising indent for various medicines for the clinic to dispense it to the patients as per the prescription.
  • Ensure proper inventory and facility management.
  • Available for conducting free health checkup camps wherever required.
  • Ensuring sufficient stock of medicine is available in the clinic for the OPDs and raising the tickets before it gets over
  • Optimizing the medicines while dispensing medicines to the patients.
  • Ensuring the input of proper batch number and expiration date properly receiving the stock.
  • Returning the medicine which got expired on a regular basis.
  • Matching the indent with the procurement and tallying the stock on daily basis. If find any discrepancies it must be reported to the concerned supervisor on time.
  • Keep the updated knowledge about various primary health care issues.
  • Reach on time to the clinic and also do proper log out of the software application.
  • Adhere to all the HR policies of the company.
  • Maintain good conduct while working in the clinics and treat the patients with dignity.
  • Inform the HR or supervisor in advance in case of leave and absence.
  • Upgrade the versions in the Tablets as and when new features or functionalities are added.
  • Participate in the meetings and communicate the supervisor immediately in case of any emergency or problem.
  • Ability to work independently with minimum supervision, high work standards and quality.
  • Plan, organize work effectively and self-motivated.
  • Validation of internal audit done by nurse during the flexi hours of the day.
  • Complete billing of their respective centres.
  • Support OPDs F2F or teleconsultation (preventive, promotive and curative care) and patient management.
  • Community mobilization and health service delivery as and when required.
  • Monitoring facility asset and stock management register.
  • Monitoring facility reporting.
  • Any other responsibilities as requested by the reporting manager.
  • Doctors have to do a minimum of 75 consultations per day and over above the doctors will be paid additional incentive (75-100, Rs. 15/-; 100-150, Rs. 17.5/- and 150-200, Rs. 20/-).