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Off day policy

  • On successfully completion of 3 months period of this agreement, you shall be eligible for 1.5 days off per month i.e. 18 days per year.
  • In a calendar year there will be 3 public holidays (Republic day, Independence day and Gandhi Jayanti) as per list published by HR.
  • All the off days except for the emergency reasons shall be availed through iTachyon with prior notice to the Reporting Manager.
  • The accrued leaves of probationary period can be availed during the tenure of your contractual period.
  • In case, if you are found to be absent from work station/place of work during working hours, without any sufficient reason or without getting any prior approval from your reporting officer, then the competent authority may, at its discretion, also take suitable disciplinary action and you will be deemed to have voluntarily terminated your Contract without notice. Out station travel without prior notice to the supervisor shall be considered as loss of pay.
  • Action will be solely on the Organization which is paying for the Patients and HR of MedOnGo apart from termination as this is Essential Services Maintenance Act (ESMA).

MedOnGo Health Private Limited reserves the right to amend the policy from time to time
in order to comply with any laws / rules / regulations that come into effect from time to
time. The latest version of the Policy will be available with HR at all times.
Roles and Responsibilities Employees:

  1. Apply for leave in advance; Furnish medical certificates/reports/ records as requested
  2. Supervisor: Approve Leave; Inform employees absence
  3. Finance & Accounts Team: process LWP deduction as per policy
  4. HR Team: Maintain leave records of employees; Credit/ debit leave/ Intimate accounts
    about deductions; Overall process and policy ownership