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Performance management

We at Medongo believe that your career with us should be an enriching process. The performance
management system in our organisation is designed to help you perform optimally as per your defined
targets and competencies expected at your level. New joiners must get clarity on their Objectives and Key
Result Areas within the first quarter of joining.
There are different kinds of appraisals:
Probation Completion/ Confirmation Appraisal:
To assess and ensure organisational/ individual fit,
there is a probation assessment at the end of the probation period (which is 6 months of employment for
those on 2- 3 years’ contract and for 3 months for those on 1-year contract).
Please refer to your specific employment contract/ current policy norms for your exact probation period.
Nearing the end of the probation period you will self-reflect on the achievements and the challenges during
the probation period. Inputs will be taken from your supervisor. If deemed appropriate, inputs may be
taken from additional stakeholders and your services will be confirmed/ extended/ necessary action