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To implement an automated attendance system at Medongo that ensures regularity and punctuality to work for all employees

Policy :

The Human Resources department will set up a system in order to record, monitor and regulate the attendance and leave records of Medongo and the contractual employees.


This policy is applicable to all Medical officers/Nursing officers The management expects the employees to maintain punctuality at the workplace. You are requested to adhere to the instructions for recording the actual hours worked. You should maintain login time and logout time in iTachyon or any other alternative arrangement allowed by the company while move in and out of the office premises/work location during working hours. A missed clock in/out is a violation that includes:

  • Failure to clock in/out on their designated time clock at the beginning and/or end of their assigned work hours/shift
  • Failure to clock in/out on their designated time clock for the meal break (30 minutes)
  • Failure to accurately and timely report for the time worked
  • Clock in/out (or late) of assigned shift without prior approval
  • Delayed reporting to the clinic after designated time continuously for more than 2 no. of days would be countable as a leave