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Selection & Interview

Interview should normally be carried out by a minimum of two people, one of whom should be the Recruiting Manager. Selection is a two-way process: candidates are assessing the role and the organization. Those involved in recruitment should consider how best to convey a positive image.

It is recommended that a range of selection methods, that are suitable for assessing both the essential and desirable criteria in the role specification are established as this will enhance objective decision making which is difficult through interview alone.

Interview questions and the structure of the interview should be consistently applied to all candidates and should be based on the role specification.

Notes recording the salient points of the interview should be taken, ideally by the interviewers, so that they can refer back to these when assessing candidates against the role specification and making decisions. Notes of the interview and any other notes on the candidate taken during the recruitment and selection process should be passed back to HR following the selection process and will be kept for a minimum of 6 months following the selection process.

In the event that a candidate requests feedback about their performance in the selection process this should be arranged by the HR team or the Recruiting Manager, although he or she may delegate this to another member of the panel where appropriate.

Unsuccessful interview candidates should be dealt with courteously and sensitively and will, as a minimum, receive telephone or written notification of the outcome of the selection process.