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Making the Appointment

It is recognized that in many cases it is desirable to make a verbal offer very shortly after the selection process to enhance the organization’s ability to recruit the selected candidate. In such cases the verbal offer will normally be made by the HR team of the selection panel, although he or she has the discretion to delegate this responsibility if felt appropriate.

Appointments will usually be made at the grade minimum of the advertised salary scale unless directly relevant experience would justify additional increments. Advice should be sought from HR if the intention is to appoint at the grade maximum of the advertised salary scale. No appointment can be made above the advertised scale.

Once a selection decision has been made the HR team will complete the on-boarding process in iTachyon (an integrated platform) and produce a written offer of employment which includes salary components, in line with agreed service standards. Offers of employment are normally subject to satisfactory references, checks of qualifications and any other checks as appropriate, such as Criminal Records etc.

In the case of any Professional or Senior Manager appointment the salary to be offered must be confirmed with the Managing Director before being made.