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As a minimum all positions will normally be advertised within the Organization. This will help maximise equality of opportunity and provide resource with opportunities for career development, thus maintaining the skills and expertise of existing resource.

In exceptional circumstances the HR Manager may waive the need to advertise. This is likely to include the following circumstances where the positions requiring specialised expertise where the Recruiting Manager in the department can demonstrate that a comprehensive search has been conducted and the nominated individual is the most suitable person for the position; where the recruiting manager can verify that the work is required for a specific purpose of no greater than twelve months’ duration;

Resource subject to redeployment will be given access to vacancies before they are advertised more generally within the organization or externally.

In certain circumstances it may be more effective to use a recruitment agency. This should be discussed and agreed with the HR Manager or Recruitment Manager. This will, however, not eliminate the need to advertise the position internally and any external agencies or consultants who assist in the process must act in accordance with this policy and with respect to our equal opportunities requirements.

Applicants should be provided with sufficient information to make an informed decision regarding their suitability for the role. Further particulars that provide such information should be provided to applicants via the organization website or upon enquiry to the HR team.

Applicants are asked to provide equal opportunities details when making their application to enable a robust means of monitoring the success of recruitment in relation to our diversity aims. This information is separate from the job application and applicants are free to indicate that they do not want to provide these details.

All adverts must be placed through the HR Department, except where alternative arrangements have been formally agreed in advance with the HR Department.

All advertised vacancies will be placed on the organization’s website in the Career page plus certain technical/specialist roles support roles, may also be advertised on social media including Linkedin, Facebook.

All advertising must be cost-effective and agreed in advance with the HR Department.