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Preparation Stage

The recruitment and selection process should not commence until a full evaluation of the need for the role against the area’s strategic plans and budget has been completed.

The recruitment of resource will take into account the need of organization for new ideas and approaches and additionally should support the organization’s commitment to ensuring a diverse workforce by proactively seeking to attract all levels to maximize its ability to meet diverse workforce requirements.

Recruitment should form an integral part of the resourcing strategy for the area and should take account of the need for any steps that an employer can take to encourage applicants from people who share a protected characteristic (e.g. a certain gender or race) who under-represented in a particular area of the workforce, for example: placing advertisements in the social media which is targeted at groups which have only women profiles; including statements in advertisements that encourage individuals from under-represented groups to apply for the advertised position.

All new or changed posts must be formally role reviewed and graded before they are advertised in order to help ensure equal pay for work of equal value. Formal authorisation to recruit to a post should be sought before commencing the recruitment process.

If a recruitment manager believes that there may be potential difficulties in recruiting to a post they should contact their HR Manager for advice and guidance on comparative market rates and options for appropriate action.