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Core Principles

Our organization has a principle of open competition in its approach to recruitment. The organization will seek to recruit the best candidate for the job based on merit. The recruitment and selection process should ensure the identification of the person best suited to the job and the requirement.

The organization wishes to encourage the recruitment of resources and ensure that the recruitment and selection of resource is conducted in a professional, timely and responsive manner and in compliance with current employment legislation.

The organization will provide appropriate training and support to those involved in recruitment and selection activities in order to meet this core principle. Any recruitment resource involved in the selection of new resource should satisfy him or herself that he/she is appropriately trained and can comply with the requirements of this policy and procedure. As a minimum requirement any member of resource who takes part in any activity under this policy and procedure must first have completed the organization’s one day training in recruitment and selection course.

Recruitment and selection is a key public relations exercise and should enhance the reputation of the Organization. The Organization will treat all candidates fairly, equitably and efficiently, with respect and courtesy, aiming to ensure that the candidate experience is positive, irrespective of the outcome.

The Organization will promote best practice in recruitment and selection. It will continuously develop its recruitment and selection practices to allow new ideas and approaches to be incorporated. The Organization will ensure that its recruitment and selection process is cost effective.

If a member of resource involved in the recruitment process has a close personal or familial relationship with an applicant, they must declare this as soon as they are aware of the individual’s application and avoid any involvement in the recruitment and selection decision-making process.