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TMC Aapla Dawakhana (E-Smart Clinic) is an opportunity for MedOnGo to provide our Smart Consults
solutions to the population of Thane and empower the healthcare staff.
TMC Aapla Dawakhana (E-Smart Clinic) combines the power of technology, innovations and partnerships
to deliver quality primary healthcare to the people at the doorstep by building a large network of clinics
that provide patient-friendly, free medical care at the doorsteps of the people from every strata of
society. The goal can be achieved through the established network of fully functioning Smart Clinic Chain
to assure primary health care services. Aapla davakhanas main intention is to provide primary care
services at door steps, provide preventive and early treatment and thus well-being of population which
directly reduces hospitalization, loss of pay, out of pocket expenditure. This reduces the load on the
secondary care hospitals and makes them available to the absolute needy. This leads to an increase in
the overall wellbeing of the population and provides better health facilities; in addition to reducing the
overall expenditure incurred by the higher care hospitals.

Key aspects of the objectives are mentioned here:
● Setup the clinical infrastructure by identifying the location and leasing/renting the premises.
Ensuring availability of basic amenities inclusive of water, power and Internet access.
● Develop the automated Medicine Vending Machine (MVM) and procure the necessary medical
devices and install them in the clinics.
● Register all members in the community and survey/screen them for predetermined list of ailments
and NCDs (On a need basis)
● Increase awareness among the community members about the Prevention aspects of chronic
diseases that are focus areas of Health Program
● Customize Patient Health Profile to create a comprehensive profile, solutions covering all service
touch points: In-patient, OPD, Laboratory, Pharmacy and other based on the nature of operation.
● Maintaining the flow of patients within the clinic and provide counseling to patients for specific
● Support the clinical staff in performing activities related to RMNCH+A, NCD monitoring etc.
● Digitize the inventory management for Pharmacy, Laboratory and other medical consumables
available at TMC Aapla Dawakhana (E-Smart Clinic)
● Digitization of processes, maintaining accounts and timely reporting