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Smart Health Consults

The use of information technology such as automatic diagnostic equipment, Tele-consultation, Medicine
Vending Machine, mobile access to information and improvements in health records play an important
part in solving the primary health services in India.
The Smart Health Consult provides digital records for each patient enabling better traceability,
convenience coupled with alerts enables repeat visits; which in turn enables faster recovery. SHP
provides Doctors easy to use solution on Tables to input the data at the point of care and the built in
online and offline algorithms helps doctors to serve the patients better. It also aggregates data and
provides reports; used for improved health care planning by state governments
This system can analyze patient health record on multiple metrics like Symptoms, Diagnosis, Repeat
consults, Medicine consumption, Lab tests Etc. It can be used to determine disease spread vector across
multiple clinics, also to map diseases to patients based on Age Gender BMI Etc