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Medongo MVM High level Specification

Rigid MS Powder coated enclosure
● Branded for the TMC Aapla Dawakhana (E=Smart Clinic)
● MS Door frame with toughened glass
● LED lighting for internal illumination
● Each tray can be pulled out for ease of loading.
● Can dispenses close to 88 different drugs
● Each slot can accommodate 18 – 22 strips or 5 – 10 bottles or ointments depending on the
● Springs with a variable pitch that can accommodate strips as well as bottles of variable
● Automatic sensing of dispensing of medicines
● LED indication for both successful as well as failure dispense
● Encrypted protocol based communication that can be controlled via the attached Tele-consult
Unit \ Standalone controller
● QR Code \ Bar Code Reader
● Timeout mechanism and Fraud Detection
● Interconnected Medicine Vending Machines
● Real-Time MVM Inventory Management
● Real Time monitoring and management of Vending Machine
● Advanced Diagnostics and Uptime Guarantee
● Inbuilt error handling and error correction mechanism in communication.
● Protocol support for inventory management
● Built-in SMPS with overload and under voltage protection