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MedOnGo Health Introduction

MedOnGo Health India Pvt. Ltd. (Erstwhile Telechikitsa Ventures India Pvt. Ltd.,) is Smart Health
Platform Company catering to Primary Health, Public Health, Instant Care, Home care, Telemedicine,
Patient Engagement and Continues Care based out of Bangalore, India. MedOnGo has a strong and
dedicated support staff based in Bangalore, Colombo and Gurgaon.
“MedOnGo”, platform was created as a single integrated system to address the health care
requirements of different health care sectors. The concept of providing cloud, mobile and connected
devices for all healthcare related services developed as “MedOnGo”. Witnessed the increasing reach of
technology services, from remote villages to homes and patients on the move. As the accessibility of
cloud services continues to grow in the emerging markets, its integration with healthcare became
inevitable. Improvements in the speed and range of cloud integration now give patients’ the opportunity
to access quality and affordable healthcare all the time. MedOnGo Health platform was created as a
single integrated system to address the health care requirements of different health care sectors.
“MedOnGo” provides both, a wide range of services (Primary care thru telemedicine, cloud and mobile
based patient engagement, Tele-consultations, prescription delivery etc.) and a wide range of personnel
(leading specialists in medical fields) to ensure the best possible service to patients. Our services are
customized to meet the appropriate needs of our healthcare partners and will continue to remain at the
cutting edge of the field of Clinic Management, Patient Engagement, Primary Healthcare and Continues
MedOnGo Health spectrum of health care services has touched more than 5 million lives India.
MedOnGo Health is primarily focused on using healthcare IT in innovative ways to deliver quality health
care services to the remote and distant parts of India and the deprived nations in the world. MedOnGo
intends to create a means to deliver cost effective and accountable access to quality medical doctors for
primary and expert consultation that will empower rural and semi urban patients at a global level. This
objective of MedOnGo is coupled with building the required awareness and knowledge on basic and
primary healthcare among the communities, to ensure that proactive health care seeking behavior is
inculcated amongst them. This enables better quality of life even among general and below poverty line
communities. Leveraging infrastructure and IT capability of smart cities, MedOnGo aspires to provide
continuum of care through connected health solutions.
MedOnGo Health evolution and journey so far:
● Mohalla Clinics in NCR along with WISH for Delhi Government (100 clinics since 2016 )
● Launched India’s first complete digital clinic and automated pharmacy solution- Health
● Installed Health ATM’s (Smart Health and Wellness Centers) across India- Rajasthan, UP,
MP, Assam, Karnataka, Punjab & NCR in rural and urban markets
● Partnered with Reliance Foundation to digitally operate their Clinics using our SHP
Multi-tab Clinical Solution
THANE MUNICIPAL CORPORATION – Aapla Dawakhana (E-Smart Clinic)
4 | Page MedOnGo Health Pvt. Ltd. Company Confidential
● Implemented 347 CliniPort portable Tele-consultation module with automatic Vital signs
monitoring solution
● Automation of Clinics in Sri Lanka
● Automation of Clinics in the Tea Estates of Amalgamated Plantations Pvt. Ltd. In Assam.
● Implementation of Automated Smart Health and Wellness Centers in Assam
● Currently developing next version Health ATM for International and Urban Markets.
Being the pioneers of Telemedicine Kiosk and Medicine Vending solutions in India, MedOnGo is
technologically and clinically equipped to be the frontier of smart health solution design and delivery.