Aapladawakhana Service Delivery Proposal

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  • Remote Diagnostics: Tools that can perform diagnostic tests and send results to healthcare providers remotely
  • Automated Pharmacy Dispense: Machines that automatically dispense medications, reducing wait times and errors associated with manual dispensing (Optional)
  • Health Kiosk/Retail Health Clinic: Physical stations where patients can access healthcare services such as check-ups and consultations (Optional)
  • Tele-Medicine: A platform for remote care, allowing consultations and health services over the internet (Optional)
  • Symptom Analysis: Software for analyzing symptoms that patients report, possibly using AI to assist in preliminary diagnosis.
  • Health Analytics: Systems that process health data to provide insights into population health trends and individual patient needs.
  • Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS): Tools that assist healthcare professionals in making informeddecisions by integrating patient data and clinical knowledge.
  • Health Internet of Things (IOT): Connected devices that monitor health metrics and send data to healthcare providers.
  • Patient Generated Data (PGD) and Family Data: Information provided by patients or their family members which can be integrated into their health records for a more comprehensive understanding of their health (Optional)