Aapladawakhana Service Delivery Proposal

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  • At the time of consultation doctor may or may not prescribe lab test for the patient.
  • For each lab test prescribed by the doctor a unique identifier will be generated in the AAPLA DAWAKHANA Doc app. This identifier will be referred to as Lab_Test_ID
  • Once the lab test is ordered the AAPLA DAWAKHANA lab app will generate a sample collection page (on completion of consult, only for patients where lab test is recommended).

This page would list the following for each test or a group of test

  • One or more sample ID and for each sample ID,
    • Type of sample – urine, blood, stool etc
    • Color of the sample in which sample has to be collected
    • Amount of sample (optional)
  • The application will allow print of this page.
  • Phlebotomist will receive this print.
  • Phlebotomist will collect samples based on the list (matching vile and amount) provided.
  • Lab vendor would be providing pre-printed barcodes to the lab (at least two copies of each).
  • Phlebotomist will stick one of the bar code on the sample.
  • At the same time Phlebotomist will also maintain a register ( to be pre provided to Phlebotomist with clear wide space to stick bar codes). Phlebotomist will stick the App sample ID (from print received) and against it the other copy of the bar code.
  • At some point during the day, phlebotomist will have get the Tab from doctor and do the following data update.
    • Phlebotomist will be given a separate page to locate the patient for whom sample has been collected.
    • To locate the patient, Phlebotomist will enter the app sample ID from the register.
    • Once located, using the app, phlebotomist will scan the bar code against the sample ID.
  • Lab vendor on receiving the sample would read the bar code from sample and enter the barcode in his system as sample ID.
  • Once the OPD is done the lab vendor would be able to download a report from AAPLA DAWAKHANA clinicweb portal on the list of samples with tests reported against each sample. This can be imported in his system .
  • On completion of test, the lab vendor should be able to share the mapping of sample ID & results as follows,
  • Sample ID -> lab test ID -> result -> min range -> max range -> notes