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Quality Assurance

  1. Nurse role:

Please review the records and capture if Nurse / MPW has attended any of the following cases/activities in past months:

Antenatal care

Postnatal care


Contraceptive distribution

Counselling services

CBAC / NCD monitoring

Vector borne diseases prevention activities

Community Epidemic management support

EHR data / prescription audit

Record maintenance & reporting


  1. Patient Follow up and Referral Management:
  • Is active follow up being done with patients for scheduled visit? Yes ( ) No ( )
  1. Teleconsultation (feedback from doctors who tele consult (facility or agile)

Rate the following on a scale of 5 (where 5= excellent, 4= good, 3= optimal, 2= less than optimal, 1= poor, 0 is very poor)

  • Video Clarity ( )
  • Audio clarity ( )
  • Overall Call Quality ( )
  • Barcode scanner precision ( )
  • Printing of prescription ( )
  • Uploading Documents ( )

Observe a tele-consult and record the following (record observations)

Did the Nurse probe and record the chief complaint properly?

Did the Nurse probe about allergies and record properly?

Did the Nurse record the Blood pressure? (how many readings)

Did the Nurse record the Temperature/ SPO2?

Did the Nurse ensure privacy during the tele-consult? (drawing curtain etc.)

Did the Nurse explain dosage of medication and follow up date properly?


Did he/ she clearly seek complaint?
Did he/ she explain diagnosis clearly?

Did he/ she explain follow up advice?

Did He/ she explain possible side effects?

Did the prescription have any out EDL drugs?

Did the patient receive drugs after the consultation?

  1. Clinical Protocols:

Observe and record if basic precautions are being taken for the following:

Hand hygiene

Protective glove use

Injections and blood sampling

Disinfection of reusable equipment

Waste segregation

  1. Nurse / MPW feedback and satisfaction:

Role clarity and training to deliver services

Opportunity to use skills and knowledge

Opportunity to increase your knowledge or skills through tele consults?

Coordination and relation with coworkers with MPW / Pharmacist / MO

Support from supervisors

Technical support available

Total working hours