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Drugs Management System

  1. Drugs Availability in Automatic Medicine Vending Machine (at facility) or Pharmacy: Total number of drugs in EDL Total number of drugs available in AMVM (wherever applicable) Total number of drugs available at facility Total drugs out of stock Reasons for out of stock status.
    1. Not required.
    2. Fast moving drug with inadequate supply.
    3. Delay in receipt of drugs.
    Any other (please mention)

  2. Indenting and stock update Date when indent was raised last (dd/mm/yy) Date when was the stock received last (dd/mm/yy) Date when the machine stock added last (dd/mm/yy) For AMVM

  3. In the table below, capture the details of any two drugs that are out of stock?
S.NoName of the drugOut of stock since (dd/mm/yy)Indent Raised (Y/N)If Yes, Date of raising indent. (dd/mm/yy)


  1. Validation of Drug Management System data: (wherever AMVM are available)

Instructions: Choose any 5 drugs randomly from the ED L/ Online stock update and cross check the accuracy of the amount available and displayed:

S.NoName of the Drug
Quantity of the medicine system (In number of strips/ bottles)
Displayed in the online drug stockAvailable in the AMVM.
Available with Nurse / MPW / PharmacistAvailable as per the drug stock register





  1. Ask and observe the Nurse / MPW / Pharmacist for process followed for adding stock to AMVM:


Does the Nurse / MPW / Pharmacist verify the drugs to be placed with the drug description in Tab. (wherever AMVMs)

Does the Nurse / MPW / Pharmacist reconcile the records at the end of the day for drugs dispensed manually or @ facility

Does the Nurse / MPW / Pharmacist maintain stock so as to ensure First Expiry First Out principle is adhered