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About AxiPHYL | MedOnGo | Jansankalp

MedOnGo’s unique innovation in Urban Healthcare in India is role model for Developing and even developed nations. The combination of traditional Single Doctor Clinics with Health IOT and deep integration of processes with Technology and making them Smart Clinics and improving the clinics based on its individual signature coupled with chain of clinics in the block to area, division to corporation limits and sometimes extended beyond.

MedOnGo’s Smart Health Gird’s Smart Health Clinic model operates with a specific setup for primary care, where you typically have one doctor, one nurse, and one multi-purpose worker. This arrangement is part of a larger effort to strengthen the primary healthcare infrastructure. The guidelines for such healthcare setups are detailed in the Indian Public Health Standards (IPHS) 2022 Guidelines and MedOnGo has loosely adopted them with little modifications, which outline the various volumes of healthcare services mainly Sub UHC with a single Doctor a nurse and a multipurpose worker .