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Executive Summary

MedOnGo Health India Pvt. Ltd. and its Partners AxiPHYL Private Limited along with Jansankalp Foundation is Smart Primary care Services Delivery Group catering to Primary Health, Public Health, Instant Care, and Home care, Telemedicine, Patient Engagement and Continues Care. MedOnGo operates Pan India from with its staff presence across multiple states including Mumbai and Maharashtra.

“MedOnGo”, platform was created as a single integrated system to address the health care requirements of different health care sectors. The concept of providing Clinic Infrastructure, Technology infrastructure,, Human Resources , cloud, mobile and connected devices for all healthcare related services developed as “Aapla Dawakhana”. As the need of technology enabled Primary care along with accessibility of cloud services continues to grow in the emerging markets, its integration with technology, AI and healthcare became inevitable. Improvements in the speed and range of cloud integration now give patients’ the opportunity to access quality and affordable healthcare all the time.

Executive Summary: Aapla Dawakhana – Revolutionizing Primary care with Technology Smart Clinics.