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  • TMC has approved 75 molecules to dispense through the Aapla Dawakhanas.
  • Currently, Kamal Pharma supplies medicines to the ADKs through its service delivery network.

The need:

  • Inconsistent supply of the medicine impacts patient OPD coverage
  • Blemishes the brand equity of the institutional partnerships with inappropriate media coverage, RTIs as well as community ire.
  • Non adherence to un-interrupted universal access to quality healthcare services within AAPLA DAWAKHANA

The specified standard operating procedure needs to be institutionalized to streamline the medicine supply and demand chain management practice:

  • PC & QA focal point for each facility concurrently monitors the medicine OOS scenarios within facility through the iTachyon application.
  • Doctor raises indent every week (i.e. Friday) for the stock requirement of the next week through the taskbar in iTachyon basis EDL mandated by the government, previous trends & emerging community needs (i.e. Seasonal medical issues such as antivirals, anti-fungal, continuous supply of NCD medicines depending upon the patient load)
  • Indent is validated & approved by the Pharmacist (MedOnGo) as & when he receives and indent concurrently without delay.
  • Medongo pharmacist compiles all the indents of ADKs received (End of Friday) and send the final requirement to Kamal Pharma for pertinent medicine supplies.
  • Kamal Pharma receives the indent list (matrix / facility) and supplies the medicine by end of Saturday or before opening of the clinic before Monday to all ADKs as per the indent raised by the doctors of ADKs along with the bills.
  • The ANM / Nurse of the ADK receives the medicine and verifies receipts as per the indent capturing the lot number & expiry date and uploads the details in the ADK application.
  • ROL of the medicine has to be set in the application itself.
  • The ANM / Nurse ensures that the medicine is dispensed as per the FIFO and expiry date.
  • The bills are certified by the doctors and submitted to Medongo for processing the payment as per the billing SOP.