Vandaniya Balasaheb Thakrey Aapla Dawakhana

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Vandaniya Balasaheb Thakrey

Balasaheb Thackeray was a celebrity par excellence. He took gutsy positions to provoke the elite who those times no one could dare to. He attacked the powerful and privileged. He ridiculed the government and ministers. True to his Cartoonist background, the never left anyone who did wrong how ever mighty he or she be. Often creating laughter and still making the issue serious enough to make normal individual understands. 
Bala sahebwas adored by the masses. First Generation businessman like Dhirubhai Ambani  to Pakistani Cricketers like to Javed Mianda. Being in Mumbai, he was close with all stars who are nationalistic including his dear friend Late Dilip Kumar .  Lal Krishna Advani to Sharad Pawar are all in awe of him,

He was implsive and acted according to his heart to solve the problem in hand. Never planned and derisked his life but jumped in to fire always. His logic and decision making is often simple based on facts of the day.  These are the reasons for his mass appeal which is partly inexplicable to elite and partly understandable in the context of the problem in hand

The Shiv Sena was formed in 1966 almost six years after the state of Maharashtra was formed. It was a time of political turmoil in the country. Indira Gandhi had just taken over as prime minster after Shastri’s death. She was finding her feet in uncertain political sands but reflected in his statement “Jai Hind Jai Maharashtra” .  Unemployment, particularly in the middle class, was rising as there was little investment. The generation born after independence had come of age and was looking for jobs as well as a socio-political identity. It was in this political vacuum, that young Bal Thackeray began his campaign and addressed the inequalities in the society .

Dharmaveer Dighe Saheb

Dharmaveer Anand Dighe was a humanitarian, and samanya karyakartha of Shiv Sena in Thane, Maharashtra. Born in 1951, he gained massive popularity in the district and also in other areas of Maharashtra by helping everyone who was in trouble, He, however, never liked to give speeches by himself or to take the credit. Till his death, he worked for Shiv Sena as a Zilla Pramukh. He is such a mass leader that everyone in Thane and Maharashtra knows about him when there was no internet and almost no one knows outside. 

He was a hardcore people person and. He helped a lot of farmers, Adivasis and the common masses. The dance bars were economically destroying farmers and were also disturbing the locality, making the women feel unsafe. He solved many issues of Adivasis and got them their due power in their hands.

He conducted panchayats for solving the cases that the judiciary couldn’t. He also helped students to get admission in schools which they were not able to, because of poverty and other such reasons. He was in forefront of protecting dignity of women and on Rakshabandan , he used to get tied with 100s if not 1000s of Rakhjees. He never tolerated insults and crime against women and poor. He was highly supported by the female wing of Shiv Sena.

When his companion Shinde saaheb(now the CM of  of Maharashtra) lost two of his children in a boat accident, guruji Dighe saheb was the one to support him and bring him back among people.  You can see both Dharmaveer saheb and Balasaheb in Shinde saheb today.

Hon'ble CM Shri Eknath Shinde Saheb

Shinde saheeb hails from a Maratha family from Jawali in the Satara district. The Sena leader’s beginnings have been humble — he was running a small transport business. He moved to Mumbai’s neighbouring district of Thane and stayed in the Wagle Estate area…

Shinde saaheb is also a three-term MLA from the Kopri-Pachpakhadi constituency of the Thane district. His son, Dr Shrikant Shinde, is a two-term MP from the Kalyan seat of the district. The leader sport a perfect beard and saffron tilak, was known for his simplicity, loyalty and honesty and was a grassroots man who was available all the to people all the time. Probably most grounded CM of all the time in India. His maiden speech in Maharashtra Legislature shows how simple and humble Shinde saheb is.

Every statement and every word in his speech shows how grounded he is and yet showed deep respect for opposition leaders and every one in the legislature. Not even a single MLA raised any objection and was seen laughing always to the courage and honesty he showed when he spoke about Rajyasabha Elections and other recent events. 

The author personally used to go to meet him at Mantralaya . With 100s of people waiting for him, he took time for envisioning Aapla Dawakhana by spending time from 11 in the mid night to 2am at his residence. Every clinic is handpicked by Shinde sahab in 2019 and is opened by the then CM of Maharastra. The author also goes on to say that he never felt that he is interacting with a Big Leader , but a fatherly figure . Shinde saheb chided the author when he went off the track and took to alcohol during his darkest family times during lockdown. Shinde saab counselled him to come on right path . True to his wishes , the author honoured and left everything which is against Dharma in Kashi (Varanasi) and stayed on the path of Dharma ever since

Every statement and every word in his speech shows how much depth he has. Yet showed deep respect for opposition leaders and every one in the legislature. Not even a single MLA raised any objection and was seen laughing always to the courage and honesty he showed when he spoke about Rajyasabha Elections and other recent events . Even with slip of tongue using colloquial language, the opposition asked him not to stop his natural flow which reflects the deep respect he got from everyone in Assembly . A true son of soil and and so simple and told his real wealth is his kid Grandson . A true Leader of masses, raised thru ranks in Sena thru hard work . How often you see a CM says that he worked in field as karyakartha and hilariously told he knows how to evade “nakabandhi” . Needless to say he is more of a Good CM (Common Man) than a CM (Chief Minister). A quality which is extremely rare in today’s circumstances.

Opening of Command Centre by MP Sri Srikanth Shinde ji

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